This past year has been difficult for you, Jacob. What you have gone though, I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Watching you change from a little boy who smiled so easily, to a child who is scared and spends most of his time lost in thought, has been heart-breaking for me. You are never alone, Jake. Never. I am by your side through all of this. I will help you fight, I promise. You have to promise me something, though. You have to have faith- faith in yourself, in God, and in me. Together, we will get through this, buddy. We will. Be strong. (February 2008)

Papers and Square Stitch Border from Vintage Dreams Retro Kit- Michelle Coleman, Little Dreamer Designs
Felt Hearts (re-colored)- Pattie Knox, Designer Digitals
Blank Tab from Heaven Sent Kit- Amy Hutchinson, ah! Designs
Staple- Amanda Rockwell Designs
Curled Paper Edge - Anna Aspnes, Designer Digitals
Aged Alpha- Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals
Grunge Frame- Jessica Sprague
Font- Century