This picture as taken with the camera that's built into my lap-top...I often end up in fits of giggles trying out all the different modes and the fun faces you can create!

Credits:Designer Digitals:
Crafty tags Celebrate (re-coloured) plus staple and cross-stitch (re-coloured). Glitter edge: Katie Pertiet Vintage Glitter Strips No1. Glitter frame: Katie Pertiet - Vintage Glitter Frames No2. Green button -M Terasawa Green Tea Kit.

Background paper: Little Dreamer - Dragonfly Dreams

Pink flower: Ida Flower cutouts
Fonts: Angelina and Baron Kuffner

Cardboard: Fernlili - Cardboard pieces
Punched notepaper: Trish Jones - Les papiers denote No7

Hope I credited everything!