I should have titled this image FIRST FINISHED SCRAP or AT LAST!!...as it has taken me soooo long to finally complete something and post it and even now it doesn't feel quite finished...I wanted to create a "beachy" feel by using washed out faded colours.

Designer Digitals:
Background paper - K Pertiet Whitewashed No1, Frames -KP Stacked vintage No2, KP Crafty tags Celebrate (recoloured), P Knox Shimmer me tidbits, Mindy Terasawa Green tea kit - button, raffia, tag, order, flower and strip of paper.

Trish Jones:
Grass/leaves - Leaf it to me No3

Notepaper - Linda GB stationeries notepaper
Stitces - Amber Clegg Delicate Days kit

Fonts: Typewrite condensed and Scriptina