This was done for Jessica Sprague's online class. The photos are not very good and I can't believe I couldn't find more or better ones as my son NEVER took this hat off!

Sanded Overlay - Katie Pertiet
Fairy Dreamer - Katie Pertiet
Magical Sparkles Brushes - Anna Aspnes
Red Paper - Jessica Sprague

The journaling reads:

The moment you first tried on the Santa hat, you fell in love. You absolutely refused to take it off. For months, it accompanied us wherever we went. You even insisted on wearing it to sleep. And every morning, I’d find you standing in your crib with you Santa hat proudly resting on your head. Daddy, Kyle, Zack and I became entirely accustomed to seeing you like that. But we certainly did get quite a few chuckles and odd looks from strangers well into February! Feb 08

And inside the letters H-A-T are the words enduring, cozy and much loved.