Our dobie puppy just does not have the mean, vicious look. Though he can get his ears up, he usually prefers this look, this comical look! It's really hard to take him seriously. Of course, he's a big 'ole sweetie, so I guess the ears fit the personality!

I started out intending to follow the recipe from the IdeaBooks4You blog, but I just couldn't really do it. So I did my own thing. Normally, I'm a follow the recipe type gal, but not on this!

bg paper -- Amanda Rockwell, Calm
shadows -- Traci Murphy

Everything else from Designer Digitals:

Vol 4 Date stamp
Vintage Glittered Corners
Stitched Chip Strips
Little Paper Leaves
Ledger brush (from Botanist 4)
Chunky Chipboard Alpha

Kiwiana paper set
white paper freebie

stitch border

Hardware Hodgepodge