She was a fantastic brazilian singer, who died a few years ago, so young... And left his little son.

She had a huge interpretation!!! She was fabulous!!! She was absolutely versatile, but basically she was a rock singer. She has her music in many coutries of Europe (I don't know if in USA too...).

She had a controversial behavior in her short life, but they weren't problems for me neither when she was being just a singer!

A cool girl!!!

Almost everyday, I hear she and her songs! Pure energy! And sometimes a sarcastic laugh! :O)

The title of the layout is the name of a song that Édith Piaff sang (and a verse too). And Cássia sang/sings too!!! And WOW! It's a beautiful interpretation with her mark! :O) The title fits wery well with (or "to"?!) Cássia...

TFL!!! I would like to insert the song, but it is impossible! :O)

I only used photos and blended them (and used "curves" too). Photos from Stock Xchange