For some reason, most of my LOs recently have been of my oldest son, so I thought I'd do one of my baby. I love this pic of him with that great smile. And when I thought of how close I came to never having him...well, I just started journaling away!

Journaling: Kyle,
You just don’t know what your smile does to me. It completely melts me. It warms me all the way through, even on a cold winter day. How could I ever live without that smile again? And when that smile is accompanied with an “I love you, Mom!” as it often is, wow! You can get almost anything out of me at that point! How blessed I am that God chose to give me you. Right after your Dad’s accident, when we were so scared he would die, I remember thinking it might just be me & Kraig. And I was SO thankful that I had him. Then, your Dad got better and it wasn’t long before you came along! Not only did I still have your Dad, but now I had you, too! A full family. God has been so good to me! I love you more than words can say, my baby boy! Without you, our family just wouldn’t
be complete!

Jesse Edwards -- Color paper pack
Katie Pertiet -- Crystalized Brushes, Cranberry & Mustard Twill, Iced Alpha
Kellie Mize -- Tuckables