I came home today exhausted. For a week now Iíve been staying in the hospital with my BIL waiting for him to be diagnosed. You see, heís an alcoholic and a heavy smoker. Years of abuse are catching up with him at a young age of 49. Itís either cancer of the lungs, esophagus or stomach. To watch him cough up blood and him trying to breath short breathes is heartbreaking. The stench of smoke sickens me. Itís the path he chose.
Thatís what has lead to this layoutÖ..scrapbooking therapy is what I call it. Thanks to Veronica Ponce for the inspiration.
ďNo one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.Ē Budda.
ďEvery rock every pebble has a story all itís own. One holds firm and ones a rebel that breaks away and rolls on alone. Stop to rest when youíre weary. Put aside that stubborn will. Count the stars. Count your blessing and learn by just being still. Itís not a race you will win or lose. Take it in. Youíll soon be done. So begin by taking one small step on the path you choose.Ē Parts of a ballad by Ruth Williamson.
Katie Pertiet: Botanist Notebook Vol. 4 paper (blended) , Snap frames
Anna Aspnes: Monoblendz Antiquity (blended)
Meredith Fenwick: Digi supply closet paint brush
Nancie Row Janitz: Schmootzy alpha
Photos: Stock Exchange
Fonts: Arial, Impact, Marker Fine Point, Momís Typewriter