This is my LO for the Just My Type challenge. I did not fill the font for 2 reasons. One, I thought it looked good like it was because of the color scheme of the LO. And two, I'm new to CS3 and couldn't figure out how! Since this is my first time to post in this challenge, I figure I can cheat a little!
I did use the same font that Debi used, Planet Benson. And it was a total coincidence that my subject matter is a doggy too! :-) Thanks for this challenge Debi! And as always, thanks for looking!

A more recent photo of my puppy. He's the biggest baby I've ever seen. This breed often gets a bad reputation, mainly due to negligent owners, but all of the Rottweilers I've known have been loving and loyal.

The journalling reads-

Iíve never seen a more loving dog than Kaiser. Itís the craziest thing. People donít know how to take a big Rottweiller running up to them whining and begging for a little love. And heís so big that itís not obvious that heís just a puppy. Heís no respector of persons either. It doesnít matter if itís grandma, aunt or uncle or the UPS man, he demands LOVE. He whines and moans and falls at your feet in such a funny manner. Once, at a pet store, one of the clerks thought he was hurt. I was quick to let him know that heís just love hungry. He canít get enough. He just canít get close enough, canít give enough kisses, would sit in our laps if we allowed it. Heís so big and really doesnít have any manners, so all this rough love does create a few problems. But weíll just keep on loving and training and hoping that in time he will learn his manners but never outgrow his loving nature.

Designer Digitals~

Katie Pertiet~
Naturally Krafty Paper
Hung Up Tags
Black Chipboard Alpha
Stamped Stitching Holes
Stitched Chip Strips
Flossy Stitch
Drop Shadow Action

Cassie Jones~
Hemp from LIAO #3

Pattie Knox~
Have a Heart felt
Take a Bow

Catrine ~ aged frames

Fonts ~ Planet Benson and Susie's Hand