I created this for Jessica Sprague's online class but thought that it was a great fit for this challenge.

Sweet Shoppe Designs Carnival Kit

Journaling reads:
This is where you live, now and always - in the moment. As an infant, you were all smiles all the time, happily taking in everything around you. During your toddler years, your laughter was infectious and your excitement contagious. And now at five, you live each day, each moment with joy and rapture. Sure, you have the typical five year old meltdown from time to time. But mostly, you exude happiness. The littlest things give you great joy. On this day. these colorful umbrellas adorning everyone’s drinks made your eyes light up. So we gave you one. And we were rewarded with this adorable ear to ear grin for the rest of the afternoon. Your ability to live in the moment, to really, truly embrace life is an amazing gift. And I love that about you. JULY 2007