I love this photo of my dh Brett and I on Valentine's Day 2007. I wanted to make a framed momento for his gift this year and here it is.

Journaling: Brett, You have always been my one and only. I am so blessed to have a soulmate like you. You have unending patience, kindness, understanding, and strength. I cannot believe we have been married 23 years. In some ways it feels we have always been together and in others it seems like the blink of an eye. Thank you for the great family that we have made together. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. Thank you for your love!

Credits: all Cottage Arts Supplies
Paper: Butterfly Wings Pak
"My Valentine" Word Art, Love Ribbon Words, and Intertwined hearts: Simply Celebrations Vol 1, Love Page Pak
In union there is strength. Simply Moments Vol 1 Gentle Love Page Pak
Journaling Font: Ck Tea Party