My son really came out of his shell this summer after taking a class on speech and debate.

After you attended Writing Camp for a week, the teacher recommended that you join the North Texas Speech Club. That meant you would need to take their Intro to Speech class coming up. Though you were pretty nervous, you wanted to do it. So that next Monday and Tuesday, you spent all day at Creative Arts attending the class. And…you LOVED it! Before coming to class you were to have a 1-2 minute speech of your choice memorized. You went with your dad’s choice, a speech that Coach Boone, standing on the Gettysburg Battlefield, gave to his players in the movie “Remember the Titans.” You did so well in class you were 1 of 6 chosen to give a speech at the presentation that Wednesday night. You were fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that you won the 3rd place certificate! Well, that pumped you up so much, you wanted to take the Intro to Debate class being held that Thursday and Friday. We signed you up and back to Creative Arts you went. Debate class culminated in a presentation early Friday evening in which your class held a mock debate on the color of M&Ms. Dad wasn’t able to attend, but I filmed what I could. After all that, though, you weren’t able to attend the Speech Club this year due to a time conflict with your writing class. Oh well, maybe next year!

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