Jouranling: In this fast paced world of instant gratification, the fine art of waiting and patience has been almost lost. It brings me great satisfaction to watch you delight in the small wonders of the world. Today we watched a bird as it landed and sang for us and then it flew away. We just watched. I wondered what was going through your mind. You love to look out the window. Today when we knew your daddy would be coming to pick you up soon, we took you to the window. I was so amazed as I saw recognition light up your face when your daddy’s pickup came rolling down the street, still almost a block away, you knew it was him. You may not be able to verbalize, but you know!
This Lo is based on Kellie Mize's ad challenge template for the week of 1/13/08. BG is by Katie Pertiet from Orchid Row.
Fleur de lis is from Grungy Metals by Jackie Eckles.
Font is Blue Highway. TFL! Smile