Here is my lift (copy Smile) of Kim's gorgeous layout Breathless.
I am happy with it even though I have none of Kim's talent or style! I hope you do not feel that I have mangled your vision Kim Smile! I suppose it is fitting that this is a professional photo from Germany by my friend Daniela Schleicher. I like to use my own photos but Kim's layout reminded me of this one. I could not take it because that is my shoulder there Smile.

Katie Pertiet:
Krafty Ledger Paper Pack
Notebook Paper Pack
Once Upon a Time Kit
Once Upon a Time Solids
Clear Buttons
Reasons Why Layered Template Book (stitching, staple & heart)
Mega Tag Pack (photo turn)
Messy Stamped Alpha 2
Little Indians Kit (tab)

Anna Aspnes:
Simple Torn Edges (the first one!)
Curled Paper Edges (also the first one)

Pea Olson, 1942 Report