My sweet little nephew, Stephen.

All papers and elements from Tracy Ann Digital Art:

Mary Mini kit,
Heart Designer Stamps,
capital "D" is from the Floral Alphabet,
journaling font is acoustic light,
title font is 28 days later.

What's better than a frozen treat in the middle of the desert? That's right, having two of them! But Stephen didn't really get two, he was being a gentleman and holding it for his cousin. The ice cream man seemed a little overwhelmed at the crowd that suddenly appeared at the unmistakable jingling
of the bells of his freezer on wheels. He came the next day, and the next, meeting with the same enthusiastic audience each time. Us moms were grateful for the bit
of diversion the chilly confections offered, the children
enjoyed the sweets, and the dads were pleased that the inexpensive desserts were only one durham each--about 25 cents!

tfl, Susan