Wanted to document some of my boys' cute sayings before I forgot them!

The journaling reads:
This is the language of your father, your uncles, your grandfather and many of daddy’s friends. It is comprised of cultural references, movie and tv excerpts and general slang terminology. This language, understood by few, is spoken so freely and used so frequently that often times the poor listener misses the entire jist of the conversation. The two of you, however, caught on to this odd vernacular at a very young age, offering to ‘whack up a sangie’ or protesting that you didn’t want to ‘hit the rack’. As you learned to communicate, you constructed your own version of ‘Bakerspeak’. I suppose this sweet pre-schooler jargon of yours will fade with time, and be replaced by proper English grammer, but for right now, it is very cute!

Last one there is a rockin’ egg!
Can I please be full? - asked every time you finish a meal
beeyoosh - to strike when defending oneself as in “We beeyooshed the bad guys!”
I’m hate-able at this - I’m not very good at this
tangle - to tie or wrap up as in “Can you please tangle my shoes?” or “Can you please tangle our video games?” (wrap the cord around)
Are they to life? - Are they real?

This is my first post on this website. I was in a scrapping slump for a while but when I found this website, I got inspired again. Thanks!