This is my DD. Poor Girl. She was 3 years old. The journaling reads "I will never forget this moment. Uncle Ashley called us one Sunday and asked if he could get a haircut that day. I said sure and invited him and his family to have lunch with us, too. He came to the house and brought Patti and the kids. Breanna was so excited to play with Sami and Calli. Ash and I went downstairs and while he was getting a haircut so was Breanna. Her cousin, Calli got hold of the scissors from the art box and took a chunk right out of the top of Bre’s hair. Calli took another chunk out of the side. When I saw Bre, I was devasted. Her hair had been getting so long. The area at the top was cut close to the scalp. We would have to comb her hair from the other side to try to cover her bald spot. I worked on her hair and it looked okay but I still miss her long hair. Oh, well! Any other time, I hate them but in this instance I think a combover is okay. You just have to laugh. Life is full of such moments."

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