Background paper from Aviary in Winter by Kellie Mize
Hipster Plumes 5 by Anna Aspnes
Grasshopper Alpha by Anna Aspnes
Overlay from Crazy Beautiful by Mindy Terasawa (and thanks Mindy, for the perfect title!)
Journal by Katie Pertiet
Title Lines by Jesse Edwards
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Quote by Jimmy Buffet
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In ten years, we have laughed our way through cancer, brain surgery, divorce, back surgery, several hospitalizations, financial setbacks, resettling parents in care facilities, a tree crashing through our house in a storm, overseas deployment, a stroke, a disabling genetic disorder, four car accidents, job loss, and even deaths in the family. To others, our joking may have seemed inappropriate, but it gets us through and it keeps us together. We figure if you can’t change it, you might as well laugh at it!