It was fun looking for all this fabric stuff!

Paper - Kellie Mize, Aviary in Winter
Fabric Swatch - Gina Cabrera, Designing with Digital
Felt Hearts - Pattie Knox, Have a Heart
Felt Swirl and Flower - Pattie Know, Katie's Jewels
Corduroy Bear - Pattie Knox
Stitched Frame - Anna Aspnes
Vintage Frames - Katie Pertiet
Laces - Katie Pertiet, All Laced Up
Twill Tag - Michelle Shefveland
Fonts - Eras Medium, Courier New

Heather, 8 months, and me, playing in the laundry. An ordinary moment 26 years old, but when I look at these pictures, I can smell the clean baby sleepers, feel the wonderful warm weight of you in my arms, and hear that sweet laugh. I’m so grateful we have them.