DGS got a candy cane off the tree, broke it, and put it in his mouth!! Surprise!! It was Sweet Tart flavored!!! This picture just cracked me up! I think he looks like a grinch!!! LOL!
I did this for LWAT..a lift of Karina's Miricle of Life (It is so beautiful!!.... I only come close on the page design!! LOL!)
Weathered BG's, Vintage frames, rusty staple and Smooth as Silk ribbon by Annie Manning-Paint the Moon Designs
Doodle tree, doodle garland, santa hat and hearts by Amy Cheeseman Grinchy Little Christmas Freebie
Folded ribbon by Amy Blesser from Zoey Wardrobe (Color and saturation changed some)
The little button discs are by Rachel Young (freebie/ addon)
Le Artiste Shimmer (Hue and saturation changed) and glittery snowflake (Emmys Holiday) by Gina Miller
Sequined Overlay by Patti Knox
Mat from Sunflower kit by Pat Christensen
Journaling tags SBS Bollywood
The little green hanging tag was not marked with designers name. I will go back through my stuff and try to find the name of the designer. I believe it was from an older freebie. I would not be offended if some one pm'd me...I really try hard to give proper credit to the designers when I use their products!
Fonts used are Andy, Santas Big Secret, Anderson Fireball and 2 Peas YoYo