I made several sets of these to give to our little friends this Christmas. We are also going to play it at my son's class Christmas party.
It's a card game for 2 or 2 teams.

I put the games in metal DVD containers, then covered the containers with decorative labels.

Game Instructions for the curious Wink
Shuffle and divide the cards into two piles - red pile and green pile. Arrange cards face-down.
Divide players into two teams. One team will draw cards from the red pile. The other team will draw cards from the green pile. Take turns drawing cards one at a time. The first team to spell HO HO HO wins.

Jolly Lil Friends kit and both sticker sets by Mindy Terasawa
Iced Delights striped alpha by Katie Pertiet
font: GE Booker

2 pieces 12x12 photo paper (I used Epson Matte Scrapbook paper)
(you'll need to print the cards on one side and the colored backgrounds on the back. If you don't have double-sided paper, you'll need to print a sheet of the backing to attach to the backs of the cards. If you don't have a wide format printer, just make your cards so that they fit on 8.5x11 instead - you'll just need more paper.)
2 pieces 8.5x11 photo paper
DVD tin
corner rounder (EK Success)
Double-sided tape with a red liner (the really, really sticky kind)
paper trimmer