My son's girlfriend's grandmother was born in England but has been in this country for many years now. Knowing how much her grandmother longed to see her hometown again, Cindy arranged to have someone send her these photos and asked me if I could "do something pretty" with them for her to give her grandmother for Christmas. Unfortunately the photos were tiny little 72dpi shots...but I did the best I could...and I have a feeling her grandmother will be so touched that her girl thought of her this way that it won't matter! Smile

Katie'sMetal cluster Layered Template made the job pretty danged easy if I do say so!

Other materials (all by Katie Pertiet)

Postmarked Memories Brushes-n-Stamps

,Naturally Krafty paper pack

Letter Box kit

Letter Box Traveler kit

Digitally Pressed Petals No 02

Digitally Pressed Petals No 05