Everyone seems to be doing it! An Encyclopedia of My Ordinary Llife, that is. My version is an ABC album titled 'Encyclopedia of our Ordinary Life at the Cottage" This way I get to use up all those pics I take in New Hampshire!
Because I'm somewhat unconventional, I began where it feels comfortable, with the letter "W"

W is for watching

We sit and watch nature do its thing as people play in their party boats and the camp children maneuver their bright blue kayaks out of the way. The occasional seaplane disrupts the quiet as it positions itself to span the breadth of the lake. We watch an eagle scoop its supper with a single plunge as the camera gets ready to open its eye. . . .not soon enough. The ducks also sense the click and so dance a little ditty as they scamper on their way. Yes we watch while the heron. . . .or is it a crane, sweeps down to find a spot amongst the reeds.
We sit, we wait, and we watch. . . .

Lynn Grieveson:
Amelie Kit
Pelican Lake alpha
A mix of Amelie3 paper as an overlay to an Island Blues paper
The lower frame is Katies- be back later to tell which one!
Jen Wilson: little tags boys