My first attempt at a 12 X 24 canvas. White paper is Whitie Tighties by Anne Teets.

Journaling Reads:
We didn't think we'd make it on time, but at the last minute we decided to hustle across the CNE grounds to check out the Iams SuperDogs.
How lucky we were! Not only did we get to the show on time, we also got to sit in the second row. Sitting in the second row, the host of the show came to find Jonathan and told him he was just looking for a four-year-old boy to help him out with the show!
Jonathan got to meet some of the SuperDogs and even got his own little puppy to bring home. The puppy's name is Puff Daddy because the Old English Sheep Dog that he met had the same name.
Puff Daddy goes everywhere Jonathan does...even to bed with him!