Credits: Journaling Brush-n-Stamps, Loosely Labeled2 (Exploring Tag), Stitched Chip Stripes, Vintage Blocks (Real Moment in Time), Stamped Frame (Walk in the Park), Postmark (Ad Chalenge) all by Katie Pertiet (
Background Paper, Topper (flourish): DelightfulKit; by Michelle Coleman (
WordArt: Believe in You Kit; by Gina Marie Huff (
Font: IceAgeD
Journaling:What a significant challenge; looming 4800 feet above the floor of Yosemite Valley in which I started this strenuous 19 mile hike.
The trip took me 13 1/2 hours in a single day to complete. The final 400 feet was extremely difficult, pulling myself up the 55 degree rock face using cables anchored to the summit. I made it and how proud I am! The Summit of Half Dome isn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced. I spent over an hour EXPLORING the top of Half Dome, celebrating my accomplishment in the rarified air at 8,800 feet. What an accomplishment!