We have this "thing" in our family where are
on the Lookout for heartshaped things
like rocks, leaves, even Pancakes.
Whoever points something out receives a Kiss. There is a lot of Kissing going on in our Family Wink
For this page I used Cassie's new
"Laying it all out" Tutorial.
When I was almost done, Photoshop
froze on me and once again
I had forgotten to save
and the whole thing was gone. And guess what? Cassie is so good with her Step by Step Instruction that I was able
to redo the layout all by myself Wink
Thank you, Cassie!!
Everything on this page (except for Anna Aspnes' "So Happy Staple" and the tiny pictures which I downloaded from the Internet comes with Cassie's "Laying it all out" Tutorial found here
Thank you for looking,