this is my art journal entry for day 15 of Rhonna's challenge. After going away with my family for the weekend I was starting to feel like I had failed myself by giving up the challenge for a few days, then this is what came into my mind.

journaling says:
"As I return home from a weekend vacation with my family, I think of this verse. I have
committed to creating a new schedule for us and sticking with it for 21 days, but there is really no way on a quick trip of shopping and swimming , eating out and sleeping in a strange
place that we could even come close to the day I have planned out for us. I could be down on myself for letting up on my challenge for a couple days but instead I chose to hang on to these wise words from the Bible “there is a time for everything” and I realize how often I need to be reminded of this and just....let go a little! Our trip was a time for fun and a time for family and definitely a time to shop! now that we are back home it is once again a time to organize our day in a way that will be enriching to us all.... It is so often that I forget to just let go of what is “supposed to” ”happen and fully enjoy the moment. I am thankful for this gentle reminder that there really is a time for everything

- sticky font, doodle flowers, doodle frames,doodle alpha, doodle numbers, doodle tags, sticky tape, inkadinka stamping brushes, and Tia time clock stamp by Tia Bennet
- paint it flowers and scratch it brushes by Jackie Eckles
-pp is by Katie Pertiet for this weeks ad challenge, ziig zag stitch is from Katie's miss muffet kit
- acrylic alpha is by Michelle Coleman

tfl, CD