This page makes me so happy Smile

Credits: Katie Pertiet's Stamped Stenciled Brush
Cassie's Extraction chat to help make him pop of the background!

Font: Big Mister C

In all that you do. In all that you become. I hope you can have the courage to fly high! Try new things. Take some risk. Chance being just a tad bit out of control. Know that we are there for you. Just a small step away to help you achieve great things! Be who you are. Laugh. Giggle. Run. Dance. Just be who you need to be. I hope that we never push you more than we should or ask more than you can. I hope we can be your springboard, the catalyst to move you toward all that you hope to accomplish in this world. And I hope we all remember to do everything we do for the pure joy of the journey.