Went crazy with stuff again! I might need an intervention. It is funny because IRL I am a total minimalist! I threw the blue heart brad in to complete Dagmar's challenge! None of my stuff is really that old though - I have only been here 8 months!

Journaling: I never thought that waking up a 7 am would be considered sleeping in! You wake up every day at dawn (or sooner) ready to play. How can I complain when this is what greets me? One look at this face and I am awake, smiling, and ready to start another wonderful day with you. Beats an alarm clock any day!

Katie Pertiet:

In the Nursery Mega Kit (old)

Simply Ledger Restful paper

Deckled Frames Vintage

Stitched Notecards (old)

Primarily Buttons (round)

Stamped Stitches 2 (new)

Photo Wraps 4 (new)

Stitching Holes

Safety Tage Vintage

Little Bits Alpha

Pattie Knox:

Have a Heart Felt Vol 2

Fonts: CK Classic and Harting (I promise to get a new font)