OK I went a little nuts here! Normally I take things away until I am satisfied but I just could not stop adding to this. This is my all-time record for journaling & stuff! Hope it is not too much. TFL

Journaling: Dear William, This photo was taken in the Schlossgarten on Mother's Day, when I was seven months pregnant with you. I loved you so much and felt so close to you that I was sad that our pregnancy would soon be over.
Little did I know that more love than I could ever imagine was waiting for me when I first saw you. In that moment I thought I could never love you more, but I was wrong again. My love for you continues to grow each day, and now that you are one year old, your hugs and kisses show me that you love me too. I am so very happy being your mommy.
you are so very loved.

Katie Pertiet:
Ledger Botanicals Kit
Watery Washes
Vintage Postmarks
Vintage Photo Frames 2
Safety Tags Vintage
Loosely Labeled tag
Stitching Holes
Vintage Flashcard Words 2
Stamped Stitches 1 & 2 (love these!)
outer glows (some modified)

Pattie Knox:
Have a Heart Felt 2 (I finally got it!)

Anna Aspnes: Curled Paper Edges

Font: CK Classic

p.s. I antiqued the photo in iPhoto - I really like it!