Saturday's Scraplift of Hillary's
We Meet

I just had to give this a try. I loved the original. This is my eldest DD and a recent discussion. Enjoy and thanks for looking!

I look at you from a distance and I see my little girl is growing up.
I've thought of telling you the story of the "Birds and the bees". Lately
your body is beginning to show it's early stages of change. You have become
confused about life and you have sudden boughts of crying for no apparent
reason. But to my surprise you brought up a topic. While we were driving
home you asked,"Mommy when will I start having periods?" I try to stay
on the road. I reply "When you are around 12." Then there was silence.
Thoughts swirling in my mind. I finally speak up. "What do you know
about periods?" Quickly she says "I was wondering how many periods were
in a school day. I can't wait til I have them." Oh you're still my little
girl becoming a lady.

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