We were at your preschool and I was talking to your teacher. She asked me if we were going to have more children and I told her that we couldn't and how sad that makes me.
She looked at you and said: "Well, if you can have only one child, Lena is the one to have. I mean, look at her: she's beautiful, smart and caring..". I looked at you and I knew she was right:
If there is only one child for me to have: you are the one. I love you, Mama.

Michelle Coleman:
Beautiful Journey Elements, Serendipity Elements (staples), Acrylic Alpha, Whimsy and Charm Brushes;
Jackie Eckles:
Sunroom Paper Flowers, Dingy Tags, Whimsical Doodles #2, Altered Book, Mellow Melon Kit (paint);
Lori Barnhurst:
Forgotten Sunset (stitching)
-all Little Dreamer Designs-
Kim Christensen's RAD Kit (Dymos)
Katie Pertiet's Stitching Holes
-Designer Digitals-
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