You amaze me with your ability to use anything for your make-believe playtime.
You have such a wondrous imagination. The other day you were playing outside and you found our clothes line down, full of pegs.
You proceeded to pick up all of them to play.
When I asked you what you were doing you told me: Look mamae, a dragon!
That was it. From that day forward you took those pegs with your everywhere.
You created airplanes, cars, guns, swords, wheels, spiders,
just with those half a dozen pegs and whatever you could find to complete your “toy”.

Michelle Coleman’s Guy thing papers (altered to fit) and acrylic heart (blog freebie).
Kate Pertiet’s Messy Stamped Alpha, dirty frames and flossy stitches.
Leora’s Denin Heart.
Gina Cabrera’s cardboard M.
Becky Higgins’ sketch.

Font is Susie’s hand.