The journaling reads:
The Story of the Duckies

The duck family starts lined up next to the bottles. Daddy duck starts around the pond. He can't go under the faucet so he has to go over. Then Daddy duck makes it to shell rock. Mommy duck comes next. She can go under th faucet but instead goes over. Then the two baby ducks make their way to shell rock.

Everyone is gathered at shell rock. But, Daddy duck goes away. Mommy duck has to go find Daddy duck. Oh, and there's the boat. She gets in the boat and off they go the long way round the pond. Mommy duck and boat can't go under the faucet. They don't fit. So the boat has to go up over the faucet. Then they continue on. Mommy duck and boat have to get around Mommy. They decide they have to go up and over. It takes some help for Mommy duck and boat to get over the Mommy mountain, but they make it to Daddy.

Daddy duck heads back over to shell rock. Mommy duck is crying. We couldn't seem to make Mommy duck stop crying.... So all the ducks went into the bucket.

The End....

[It was time to get out of the bath.]

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