There is not one single day where we are not outside playing, running, riding the Scooter.
I played with Anna's Masking Gradients and I attended Jessica Sprague's chat last night.
Paper and Butterflies (Olivia's Garden) and Buttons (Apron String) by Leora Sanford;
Grunge Overlay, Vintage Flashcards Words and Paper Reveals by Katie Pertiet;
Tequila Sorbet Buttons and Spring Picnic Heart by Lynn Grieveson;
Mary Ann Wise's Lovey Border;
Anna Aspnes' Scanty Border Lines and her Work Hard Play Hard Overlay;
Rusty Floral Staples, Quirky Trails and Altered Cross Stitch by Jackie Eckles
One more thing: always remember to save while you're scrapping.
This page was almost done when I accidentially closed the window and it was G.O.N.E.
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