I did this layout for a scraplift challenge on another site. Okay, here's the deal...my ds does a hilarious he-man pose where he tenses up his whole body until it literally shakes. He probably does it 10 times a day...until I get the camera out...then NOTHING! I have yet to catch a really great picture of this pose, but I will keep trying. This photo is as close as I've come. I'm going to hold off on printing this to see if I can catch him in the act for a really great pic. Then I'll just swap out the photo and print the lo (one of the many things I love about digi)! Anyway, here's the sneak preview!

I used:
Photoshop Elements
Pattern papers: Come Play Kit (Jeanine Baechtold, Krista Mettler, & Jen Reed)
Inked Overlay: Baby Blue kit (Heather Butcher)
Fonts: Century Gothic, Impact and Jefferson