I wanted to try something different (to trick my mojo Wink )
Lena kept telling us about kids from her school who call other children names.
Hubby suggested that next time that happened,
she should ask them if they even know how to spell those names
( i don't think you'd find this in a parental guidance book - lol)
On a walk Lena got into a fight with the little neighbors boy and she stormed away, mad.
The little guy ran after her, yelling
"SOrry!!! Sorry!!" She couldn't understand WHAT he was shouting, but she turned around and yelled back
"Yeah, only, do you even know how to spell that???"
Needless to say: the little boy did not want to apologize after that.
Map Frames, Los Feliz Kit by Kellie Mize; Stitching Holes by Katie Pertiet;
A lot of Buttons, Almost Kit (Tabs - including the red one at top and bottom),
Altered Cross Stitch, Rustic Floral Embellies (Staples) by Jackie Eckles;
Grandma Jennie Kit by Dana Zarling (Tied Bow); Alphabetical Memories pp by Jenn Adams Donnelli; Denim Heart by Leora Sanford;
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