Okay, this is definitely a new record for me...FIVE patterned papers on one page! Well, actually three of them are tone-on-tone texture, but IT STILL COUNTS! (in my book anyway) The grid layout and title was inspired by Shanah-rhymes with Donna's layout entitled "Best Buds". Thanks for the great design, girl! You are so inspiring!!!

Journaling reads:
Off you went...running as fast as your little legs could carry you...no looking back...climbing as high as you could...running full speed across the 10” bridge...pushing frightened 4 year olds out of the way so you could barrel down the tornado slide. FEAR? You don’t know the meaning of it! 1.06 I haven't quite decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing!

I used:
Photoshop Elements
Pattern Papers: Autumn Collection Kit by Whitney Bushman
Fonts: Century Gothic and Hootie!
Embellishments: Once again, NONE! Surprise...surprise!