I’ve been a fan of Amber’s since way back…and it was a delight to have an excuse to lift one of her fabulous designs when she was named this month’s Guest CT. I had a hard time choosing, but here is my rendition of Amber’s design skills as shown in: http://www.designerdigitals.com/ddgallery/showphoto.php?photo=23556&ppuser=1600

Background paper from Botanist Notebook Vol. 2 (recolored), journaling paper, staples from Botanist Notebook Vol. 4 Kit , Stitched Notecards ,
Vintage Photo Frames-Curled-n-Flat No 02 , Out of a Box Overlays , Chunky Chocolate Chipboard Alphabet , Postage Stamp Frames , Ledger 12x12 Overlays , Ledger Grids brushes-n-stamps , Checklists Brushes-n-Stamps (modified), Little Bits Alphabet – all by Katie Pertiet

Fonts: FG Torsten, FG Mia, M Bell

Amber frequently includes lots of journaling on her pages (one of the things I love about her work!) and I chose this one because it had plenty of room to say the things I wanted to say about the recent loss of our pet.

Journaling reads:

“Be a good dog.” I uttered these words this morning while tossing you a biscuit on my way out the door just as I have done on countless other workdays. But on this particular day I then got into the car, laid my head on the steering wheel and cried until I had no tears left to shed. Although I find it hard to believe that a heart as big as yours could fail...fail it has, and you are struggling harder to breathe each day. You won’t be here to greet me at the door tonight. At the end of the day you will be at the Rainbow Bridge and your suffering will have ended. How can I begin to express how grateful I am for you my Zoe girl? In the beginning you belonged to Tom and the kids. To me you represented muddy floors and dog hair covering every surface. In and out, in and out...you seemed to feel that a door was something that you needed to be on the other side of at all times. More than once I referred to you as a nuisance. Then the kids grew up and left home. Dad’s job changed and included travel. Many a week it was just you and me. When I came home at night you were there waiting and happy to see me. When we were alone you happily snuggled into Dad’s side of the bed at night and kept the monsters in the dark away. I began to realize just what a good dog you really were in so many ways. True, you never did lose that exuberant nature of yours that once made me crazy, but I began to appreciate it. Never once did you have an accident in the house. Although you chewed sticks in the yard like some four legged mulching machine, your teeth never caused any damage to anything inside. Chow hound that you were, I could still leave a bowl of candy on the coffee table and you knew that it was off limits to you even when nobody was looking. If I was sad you sat quietly by my side and rested your head in my lap. If I was happy you’d dance around me with your tail wagging. I grew to love you. In a few weeks a new pup will fill your spot in our home...but the place you made in my heart will always be yours. Sleep well girl.”