I really enjoyed this challenge. I hadn't really thought about why I picked this screen name in quite a while. I've had this one since way back when and use variations on it depending on whether it is available.

Journaling reads:
"I've been using wsprite or some version
thereof since nearly the beginning of the
Internet. It's a shorted form of
watersprite. It hearkens back to good
memories of my childhood. My
grandparents had an aboveground pool.
I loved to go visit them and I'd spend
hours swimming and making up my own
games. My family would say they could
never get me out of the water. Well,
waterbaby didn't sound too good as a
name and watersprite was catchy. I
didn't want to write all that (or send it
over a 14.4 modem) so it got condensed.
I ended up adding ad because wsprite was
already taken on one of the IM
networks. So there you have the origin
of my screen name."

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