I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of my kids! When I originally sat down to scrap it, I cropped it to 5x7, and proceeded to put together an intricate layout with a blue and green color scheme, two different pattern papers, ribbon and even stitching (this was going to be a first for me). And when I FINALLY got it all completed...I hated it! The photo took second stage (and we can't have that)! Okay, take two! I deleted everything, enlarged the photo and went with a more graphic style so the photo would stand out! (That's what I love about digital layouts...you can play around with everything and change designs until you're happy!) So anyway, after all of that, here's the final design (I think)!

I used:
Photoshop Elements
Fonts: Adobe Garamond Pro and Century Gothic
Journaling idea: Kellie Mize