Documenting my Week 24.

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Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 08 a warm bright sunshiny day cut up strip
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Font- TravelingTypewriter (journaling questions), Pea Olson (journaling answers), Dancing Script OT Regular (days of the week).

Week 24 Prompts
Sunday: What does this season feel/smell/look/taste/sound like? It is summer and this season feels very warm with endless sunshine, smells like pool water, looks gorgeous with colorful flowers in bloom, and tastes like ice cream and grilled barbecue. No sounds for me, as I cannot hear anything. I enjoy seeing fireflies at night.
Monday: When was the last time you went out and just played? This weekend was the first time Tim and I went out of town in a while, and it was nice to get away for the weekend, just doing whatever we wanted to do! We did not play but we enjoyed a visit with our friends to Granddad Bluffs atop LaCrosse.
Tuesday: What would you do with three wishes? It is not easy to settle on three wishes, but I would enjoy traveling the entire world, solve every problem facing our world, and wish for three more good wishes that would benefit everyone in the world in the best possible way!
Wednesday: I wish someone told me ... that love is a broad spectrum. Love is a commitment, which means being there for someone when things go south. It is making adjustments and compromising. Love is realizing that it is not just about you. It is mutual, helping each other discover happiness and sometimes, letting go.
Thursday: Do you believe in fate? Fate is defined as a predetermined sequence of events or outcomes of each day, implying that a higher power is behind those for a purpose. I believe we have a purpose in life, so yes, I believe in fate to a certain extent, in that we also have free will to make our own decisions determining our path.
Friday: What is the best you ever gave someone? Just being there so they do not feel alone. I often listen to them without being judgmental, and not giving unsolicited advice and suggestions. I try to make them smile and help them see past their current situation. Just simply give myself to them wherever possible.
Saturday: What is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you? My mom gave up three weeks of her time to take care of me during my recovery from a hysterectomy surgery several years ago. It was a special bonding time, getting to know each other very well. Thank you so very much, Mom!