It's been a busy week for us with the Ryder Cup in town. (We've been either going to the event or taking care of grandsons so family members can volunteer or attend.) I finally got a chance to enjoy a little scrapping time this evening. I was inspired by Katie's lovely sunflower photos to purchase a few sunflowers for my kitchen table. Together with the Clementines (my favorite snack!) it reminds me we can always find little ways to bring in sunshine into our home.
edited to add: I added a little date tag to this layout and added my initials to the tag, too. It's kind of fun to sign our own digital art!
Dating Labels Brushes and Stamps
Quinn Paper Pack
Abisko Solids
Fine Line Twists No. 04
Painted Photo Mask No. 01
A few items borrowed from
Layer Works No. 717