Not every year is it warm enough in Minnesota to open your swimming pool in May! My oldest grandson goes to a year around school for children on the autism spectrum. He really enjoys swimming and during the summer loves to come home from school and relax in his pool. It is a bonus if summer weather can begin in May and the longer it remains warm in the fall, the better! So far, so good! We're having wonderful weather. (Hey, Debi, can you believe it?)

The photo was taken with my iPhone. With iCloud automatic synching photos to my other devices, the photo is also on my iPad making it easy for me to start a layout using the free app Adobe Comp. What I start in Adobe Comp can be synched to Photoshop on my desktop where I finish the design. (I have the Photographer's Subscription to Adobe Cloud services). I just love doing this and I'm in the process of building up an Adobe Cloud library of DD papers, elements, etc that I can access on my iPad. I have to practice this every so often or I forget how to do it! TFL

Watery Circles No. 01
Striped Mix Blue Greens Paper Pack
Calne Solids
Abisko Solids
Fading Words Brushes and Stamps No. 03
Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Awesome Autumn Plastics
Neptune Kit