Just as Katie releases a great school kit I am phoned by a researcher who was a student at a school where my grandfather was headmaster. She had stories about the school and my grandfather and was hoping I had a photo or two. Which I did. And she was delighted to be able to identify a few of the people including her cousin.
And then someone was asking in the forum about adding newspaper articles to a page...
So... a page was born Wink

All by Katie:
School Rules Scrapbooking Collection (solids and addon papers- two in background, one clipped to newspaper to make it look a bit aged, elements - apple, frame, stitching, paper strip, taped sentiment)
Spill Frame Layers No. 13 (mask used on alpha paper in background)
Torn Templates No. 01

Journaling on the facing page: Lavers Hill is a tiny township in the Otway ranges. The first school opened in 1910. By the mid 1940s there was a push to combine a number of small schools in the area and so Lavers Hill Consolidated was born. Old school buildings were transported from neighbouring Johanna and further afield such as Mt Clear. A builder was employed with the task of connecting the old school buildings via corridors, but by 1950 the school was still not finished and the parents claimed were up in arms about the makeshift accommodation for 190 pupils.
Early 1951 Edward Anselmi was employed as head teacher at the school. It would have been quite a challenge to sort out the mess. His son, John, was in his teens and remembers that the builder, a Mr Ubegang, was quite incompetent and it was necessary to follow him around with a jar of putty to fix his shoddy workmanship.
None-the-less the school was presentable enough by 1953 to host an grand opening. Leonie Cross, a former student, remembers that he was a very hands-on headmaster and often asked her how her poetry writing was going.
This photo was taken on the steps outside Mr Anselmi's office (behind the brick wall on the left). Back L-R: unknown, Mr Anselmi, Robert (Bob) Francis. Front L-R: unkown, Gwen Knox and Geralding Mutton.