I designed this page for the Story Scrapbook challenge which Carol has posted on the blog. A big thank you to Carol for giving me a reason to scrap this story of a very special car!

Nellybelle came into my life in 1957. We were building our house on Fernwood Blvd. My parents were worried about carrying dirty building supplies in their fairly new car. So my Dad went looking for a "junker." The man around the corner had a 1947 Plymouth for sale for $85. My dad drove it and offered the man $75 but he was holding out for more. Dad's friend, Fred Reed, decided to help. He visited the man and offered him $60 for the car. When the man said someone had offered him $75, Fred told him if he had someone dumb enough to give him $75 he should take it, so Dad bought a car. This made us a two car family which was a big thing in 1957. It made me feel like we were rich to have two cars! Dad always named his cars and they were always girls. The "new" car was given the name Nellybelle after Roy Rogers' friend, Pat Brady's, jeep. She had cool doors that opened out in different directions, making a cozy little opening. Maybe it was because we were "born" the same year, but I felt a real kinship with Nellybelle.

In the 1950s, a ten year old car was bound to have a lot of rust and Nellybelle definitely did. Dad bought many cans of Black Magic, a compound that you used in conjunction with screen to patch holes in a car body. I was his willing assistant and we spent many hours working on Nellybelle's rusty body. When we were finally done and he had her painted a shiny black, I beamed with pride. She looked awesome!

We had lots of fun with Nellybelle. In the winter, Dad would tie our sleds to her bumper and pull us down the road. She would also carry our family on our weekend adventures. We would pile into the car and start out with no particular plan. Dad would choose the direction by which we would leave town. As soon as we were out of the populated area, the fun would begin. At each crossroads, we would either vote or take turns choosing a direction. We twisted north, south, east and west. We sure ended up in some interesting places, including quite a few farmers' yards!

In spite of my vivid memories of Nellybelle, I don't have any recollection of what happened to her. I've always had trouble saying good-bye to my cars so perhaps, since I considered Nellybelle my car, I've blocked out this traumatic occurrence! At any rate, I still consider Nellybelle a treasured part of my growing up years.

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