My birthday celebrations have always been simple and quiet but memorable nonetheless.

June 1984, I am going to celebrate my seventh birthday. Unlike other kids I wasn't excited about a party with balloons and cakes. I was excited to wear a new dress that Mamang(my grandmother) made. A few days before my birthday, Mamang was busy on her sewing machine. I knew that I will get a new dress because her grandchildren always do on their birthdays. So I approached her and asked: “Is that going to be my new dress?” She said that it is not. But as a little kid I was persistent, I asked why are the sleeves small and why did she measure me a few days back. I guess she was bent on surprisng me with the new dress that she put the materials away when she had enough of my questions. I did not see her work on that dress after that. On the day of my birthday, I woke up to see a beautiful light green dress with puffed sleeves hanging by my cabinet. I was right, the one she was working on was mine. That was thirty years ago, but still vivid in my memory. It reminds me of how much she loved me in her own way.

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