I wanted to get a last chance photo of when it was 4 grandchildren the day before Lily came. SO here it is. As you know .... 4 children all looking the same way and not sulking that this one wanted to rand.. that one wanted to sit.... and all having clean faces is impossible. So... this is real life!!!!!

Journaling: but not for long. Little Miss Lily is going to arrive tomorrow. This is the last photo of just the 5 us. Soon it will be the 6 of us. 3 girls, 3 boys. So evenly balanced. I think the boys may run faster and jump from higher places but I think we girls may out think them, out talk them and out wit them. No matter what I reckon the 6 of us, with Pa making it 7 (but I dont want to include him cos then its 4 boys) will have a whole lot of fun. I will surely make ALL of your 21sts. I will hopefully see all of you getting married and having babies yourselves. I know that you will include me in these special times. I just know. Cos right now we are building and building this everlasting love, care, ties and history. I know cos I know. I’m clever that way.


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