Great inspiration this week on the DD blog... fashion patterns and color! Love it! Yes, fashion translates into soccer sometimes... LOL
I loved the black, white and green color scheme, along with the little bits of gold from the jewelry. Of course, I loved the circles from the cute top and all those chevrons... although I only used one chevron! Ha.
And Katie's white paper with the creases even reminded me of the pleats in the skirt!

I was also inspired by Amy (mymalloryboys) darling page Look at me! for the Elemental Challenge last week... can you tell? *wink*

A fun surprise text one afternoon last week... Shannon had finished her fitness training for soccer and texted me this cool shot! I extracted the 'text box' from my iMessages for the title... and the checkmark is green! Perfect!
And, no, her checklist does not really require her checking in with me... but it's fun when she does! *smile*

cleats & bag -check
training cones -check
training program -check
soccer ball (somewhere!) -check
check-in with mom -check


Challenge Freebie
(circle brush, green paper on circles inside the brush cirlces)
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 03
(background paper)
Flair Minis No. 02
(gold chevron flair, plain gold brad)
Pebbled Universal No. 03
(gold 'thumbs up' flair)
Flair Mini Sports
(soccer ball brad)
Clear-Thru Arrows No. 01
(acrylic chevron)

Thanks for looking! Debi