Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of our oldest son who was born in 1968. I have no idea just how all of the years since that blessed day have gone by so quickly! We celebrated his birthday with his children . . . our three grandsons . . . with our youngest son, his wife and two children. The birthday boy celebrated with his wife and friends at the lake!! I seem to remember that a hospital employee may have taken this photograph and gave it to me . . . it is a Polaroid print and is almost faded to nothing now. We never had a Polaroid camera, but are very grateful for the picture.

Journaling: Good morning sweet baby . . . the two of us are new to this world today! You are just a few hours old and I have just been a new mama for those same few hours. I hope you love this world just as much as I do today! We didn’t know before today that you were a little boy . . . and, of course you didn’t know that we had wanted our first baby to be a little boy. You see, we were on the same page right from the beginning. You are the sweetest little thing . . . no fussing, no crying, just as content as you could be. You took to nursing like a little pro . . . that was such a blessing to your mama, because I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. Thankfully, my friend Joan was so helpful in reassuring me that all would be well . . . thank goodness for a friend who had already had her first little boy for seven weeks and was teaching me all she was learning almost every day! There is nothing like friends to cheer us new moms on. Your daddy had so many brothers and sisters that he never got flustered at all . . . and, having my Aunt Lucille with us for those first few months with a new baby in the house was a real help. Our across the hall neighbors, Barb & Dave were there for us too . . . they were old pros with a little boy of their own exactly one year older than you. For a 22 year old new mama who was thousands of miles from home for the first time in her life, you and all of my friends and family in Germany sure made bringing you home from the hospital a piece of cake!!

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